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If you’re overwhelmed in your start-up journey, wondering how to process all of the information available or how many pricey courses are out there, The Grow Co. is here to help you. Whether you’re looking to launch a side hustle, or you’ve just gone all in, The Grow Co. focuses on providing clarity, creating a roadmap, and empowering you to dive right in.


  • Ready, Set,
    Sell Program

Have you been putting off your business launch because you’re not sure where to start?

Join our three-part small group coaching program that demystifies the ‘hard parts’ of getting started as a coach or service provider. We help you get clear on your value, learn business processes, simply sell and land your first clients, empowering you to stay motivated and step into your business more confidently.

You will walk away with your own roadmap to get your founding clients and the know-how to sell yourself with ease .In fact, it won’t feel like selling at all!

The Ready-Set-Sell Program is a run over a series of three group workshops and gives you the clarity and direction to accelerate starting your business. Start now, shake off overwhelm and map out a clear path to your goals with one achievable step at a time. You’ll walk away with first-hand knowledge from business owners, leaders and coaches with more than 30-years combined experience, as well as tangible tools such as workbooks, planners and templates.

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Join the Ready, Set, Sell Program


  • 1:1 Coaching to
    activate your business

We offer dedicated coaching sessions for coaches and service providers who want to learn how to use their unique skillset and attributes to activate and elevate their offering.

Our team has years of experience in business operations and development, marketing, sales and transformation, leading positive change and business strategy. In combination with coaching accreditations, psychology training, and personal start-up experience we bring you a holistic coaching experience tailored to your strengths, service, and expertise.

The Grow Co. coaching services equip you with business skills AND the self-confidence to put them to work.

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Ready to cast your doubts aside and fast-track the growth of your service-based business?

If you’ve found yourself putting your goals in the ‘too hard basket’, you’re not alone. There’s so much to consider when launching and running a business. It’s normal to feel confused about the starting point and where to go from there.

We’ve done the lengthy courses that leave you with more questions, and we’ve closed the browser tabs on exorbitant coaching and training programs. So with an appreciation of the challenges we faced, we’ve created a low-risk high-value opportunity in the form of a digestible program that gets results.

Find Out More About Ready, Set, Sell

What if we could guide you through…

  • Realising your true potential for growth in your industry
  • How to convey your value to the market
  • Mapping out a launch and landing a client (or two)
  • Clearing through the fog and figuring out what matters
  • How simple the first step can be
  • Creating a clear plan to activate your business ambitions and start selling right away

Who is
The Grow Co.?

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The Grow Co. is a business activation and acceleration consultancy with a focus on new coaches and service-based business owners. As the online service industry evolves,  this landscape can present as much of a challenge as it is an opportunity. Founders, Elizabeth Pouret and Ann Pocock have a diverse background in helping you navigate this journey. 

The Grow Co. is for you if you want to…

  • Get clear on your offering
  • Package your business idea into a valuable offer so you get paid
  • Learn how to simplify the marketing and sales processes
  • Know where to invest your time and money for best results
  • Evaluate opportunities for launching or growing your business strategically
  • Dispel common start-up blocks
  • Create a 30-day plan specific to your unique business goals
  • Develop targeted action items to jumpstart your growth

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