Selling Conversations
Made Easy!

Does the idea of selling scare you? Does it feel pushy?
What if we told you that you don’t have to start your
sales conversations with selling at all?!

Many business owners struggle to recommend their products and services, or upsell to leads, for fear of looking pushy and desperate.

This cheat sheet eliminates that fear as it guides you through facilitating sales conversations that don’t feel salesy…at all!

Host meaningful conversations with both hot and cold leads thanks to this simple guide.

We’ll teach you how to be the problem solver who explores what your audience needs and values by asking great questions and listening. No selling is required at all!

You’ve probably experienced many different types of salespeople – The passive order taker who waits for you to ask to buy something; The product pusher who talks at you non-stop about the product and doesn’t ask about your needs at all; The over-seller who promises the world to get a sale…

None of these styles is effective, and you’re so worried that you’re coming off as one of them. Instead, you want to create genuine connections with your audience through selling without selling.

We’ll teach you our top tips for selling with ease, in a way that makes you and your lead comfortable.

Get a cheat sheet filled with great questions that get to the heart of…

Why choose The Grow Co to help you sell?

This Selling Conversations Made Easy Cheat Sheet has been developed by two business coaches with over 15 years of cross-industry experience. This handy ebook takes everything into account when creating a blueprint for sales success.

You can script your selling conversations by mixing and matching 16 of our prompts that get your customer talking, creating space for you to easily understand their needs and then naturally talk about how you solve them.

With this guide, you’ll no longer be ‘pushing’ products and services. You’ll be creating genuine, beneficial relationships in a way that feels heart-centred, honest, and comfortable for everyone involved.

This ebook is for you if…

You’re struggling to close higher ticket sales for fear of being pushy or rude

You struggle to tell your customers what you really offer

You’re not making any sales because you’re telling and not asking questions

The idea of selling makes you feel queasy…

How to Sell without Selling Cheat Sheet

For most of us, selling feels a bit.. icky. Especially if you’re new in business. If you want to sell your products and services without feeling like a pushy car salesperson, then this cheat sheet is for you.

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Ready to dive headfirst into sales conversations that get to the heart of what matters?