Launch and grow
your business

Our service offering is different from most. We understand that in an era of constant change, the path isn’t linear. We like to think of ourselves as part advisor, part coach to help you along your journey. Our core services are complementary but can be leveraged individually or collectively based on your needs.


A 2-hour workshop designed to tackle the tough parts of getting started in business and set you up with the tools for success.

Coaching & Consulting

Unlocking your full potential, achieving business growth, and professional development are all on offer at The Grow Co. With two holistic business and leadership coaches/consultants on hand, there’s nothing we can’t tackle together.

Working with
The Grow Co.

What you can expect by working with The Grow Co.?

The Grow Co., led by Elizabeth and Ann, equips you with the knowledge and tools to dive into your business journey with clarity, confidence, and best of all – support. We have over 30 years of combined experience in business, coaching, and consulting. That means you get to learn from our mistakes, successes, and everything in between.

Don’t just take our word for it.
See what others have to say.

“The presenters of Ready, Set, Sell were warm, engaging, and knowledgeable and the materials were high quality and professional. I gained clarity around my clients and my business idea, as well as building my confidence to take it forward. Through the session with Ann and Elizabeth, I realised that the mental blocks I've been experiencing are the same that all entrepreneurs go through, and they can be overcome! I feel inspired and motivated to take the next steps in developing my business.”

Erin B.

“I participated in the ‘Ready, Set, Sell’ workshop with Elizabeth and Ann in an effort to narrow my client search and identify my business value and niche. The workshop uncovered some deep and personal insights with a lighthearted, friendly and fun way of working. The workshop helped me find my ‘why’ and decide where to focus my efforts when it comes to getting clients.”

Malcolm W.

“The level of informative and tangible content in the ‘Ready, Set, Sell’ Workshop exceeded my expectations! The content was clear, and easy to understand and put into action. I left the workshop feeling energised and excited with a sense of clarity. I’m now ready to work on the next steps for building my business.”

Louisa N.

The Ready, Set, Sell Workshop Series was informative with valuable workbooks and visual presentations.
Thank you Ann and Elizabeth for sharing your knowledge and experience.

Josimara H.

The workshops made the process seem more manageable and normalised the experimental
aspects of starting a new business.

Emma W.